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'''John Gerard''', also spelt '''John Gerarde''', (c. 1545–1612) was a botanist and herbalist.ODNB: Marja Smolenaars, "Gerard, John (c.1545–1612)" [ Retrieved 22 April 2014.] He maintained a large herbal garden in London. His chief notability is as the author of a large – 1484 pages – and heavily illustrated ''Herball, or Generall Historie of Plantes''. First published in 1597, it was the most widely circulated botany book in English in the 17th century. Except for the additions of a number of plants from his own garden and from North America, Gerard's ''Herbal'' is largely an English translation of Rembert Dodoens's ''Herbal'' of 1554, itself also highly popular (in Dutch, Latin, French and other English translations). Gerard's ''Herball'' is profusely illustrated with high-quality drawings of plants, with the printer's woodcuts for the drawings largely coming from Dodoens's book and...
Birth date1545
Birth placeNantwich
Death date1611 or 1612
Death placeLondon
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Religion| fields = Botany
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